EMPOWERING GROWTH With Social Media Data
ED MacAudio Social Data division develops a comprehensive business model of the New entertainment business process. Clearly, each of the various business activities can be analyzed by creating an approximation event. Subsequently, the simulation allows for repeated observations of the model to highlight the financial activities tracked within the process. For example, a recording artist revenue model will consist of revenue sources, streaming concerts, merchandise, airplay, albums downloaded, live events, revenue per physical album, endorsements, social media interaction, online transactions, and venue cost. Within that system, the financial results can be calculated as a total of the parts connected to the business process, or calculated at each financial junction within the structure to identify areas to improve. The fidelity of the business model will convey how well the business operation matches reality. 


Business Model

Model Provided by 436 Media Inc.

Big Data is the difference between success and loss in today's digital entertainment business.  A business process model is developed over time. What if a new streaming model could be applied to increase revenue by 8% for each event ?

Graph Provided by ED MAC AUDIO

Analysis Provided by ED MAC AUDIO

Proposed Business Model

With the developments in digital entertainment today it is necessary to explore a business model solution to service the needs of an evolving business environment. ED MacAudio Social DATA division provides solutions for the future.

Model Provided by ED MAC AUDIO